What to Bring

We want you to enjoy your time in Madera Canyon at the Santa Rita Lodge, so we’ve compiled a list of items that will ensure your stay is comfortable and fun!

  • Food: there are no grocery stores or restaurants in the canyon. Please bring enough food for your stay, and remember your cabin or casita is equipped with basic cookware.
  • Charcoal briquettes: we provide portable grills, but we don’t supply the charcoal. If you plan on a barbeque dinner, please bring your own briquettes.
  • Flashlight: it gets VERY dark in the canyon, and in attempt to preserve the natural environment, there are no street lights. Flashlights are a necessity to navigate the property after dark!
  • All weather clothing: the weather in the canyon can vary by tens of degrees in a 24 hour period, and storms can roll through unexpectedly (even when it’s dry in the valley below). Plan on dressing in layers, and pack for all possible weather conditions!
  • Sunblock: the canyon is approximately 10 degrees cooler than in the valley below, yet it is still in Southern Arizona…the sun can be intense!
  • Bug repellent: we are located in a wooded environment with a seasonal water source…yes, we have bugs…and yes, some of them bite! Plan accordingly…
  • Binoculars: if birds are your bag…bring your binoculars for optimal viewing.
  • Camera: don’t miss an opportunity to document your experience. Photo-ops abound!

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